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Price 2019 - 22 Freon Price Per Pound, How much is r-22 refrigerant per pound in 2016, For example, if we look at amazon as of today the going rate for a thirty pound cylinder of refrigerant is about $480. if we divided the $480 up by the thirty pounds in a cylinder we get a price per pound of $16.00.. Air conditioner refrigerant costs - fixd repair, Ac refrigerant costs per pound to see if you are getting a fair price, you can always look at the current price on amazon and other online sites. as of today (july, 2016) you’d pay $555 for a thirty-pound cylinder or $555/30 which comes out to $18.50 per pound of refrigerant.. The high price of r-22 for air conditioners may close the, Sadly, the installers focused only on the first cost of these systems, ignoring the inevitable high prices of servicing air conditioners with a banned refrigerant. r-22 prices begin their ascent. last week i saw an article on angie's list about the price of r-22 in which they stated that contractors are charging $35 to $175 per pound for r-22 now. i've asked around and found that the price of r-22 is running 3 to 5 times the cost of r-410a..

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22 Freon Price Per Pound - how much is r22 per pound?

the r-22 phase out continues with prices increasing again this year - getting an old central a c system filled may cost in excess of $100 per pound of refrigerant. average cost to refill freon in your air conditioner. dear angie my air conditioning contractor just charged me $100 per pound for r 22 refrigerant.

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