Price 2019 - Dark, Dark matter - wikipedia, Dark matter is a hypothetical form of matter that is thought to account for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe, and about a quarter of its total energy density.the majority of dark matter is thought to be non-baryonic in nature, possibly being composed of some as-yet undiscovered subatomic particles.its presence is implied in a variety of astrophysical observations, including .. Dark roasted blend, Welcome to drb! drb is the online magazine to complement your daily coffee ritual, specializing in highly-visual, "weird & wonderful" content. featuring fascinating art, travel and technology, drb presents plenty of visual wonders and tons of fascinating info! follow us on twitter, facebook, pinterest, and instagram, for your regular "visual caffeine" kick.. Dark energy - wikipedia, In physical cosmology and astronomy, dark energy is an unknown form of energy which is hypothesized to permeate all of space, tending to accelerate the expansion of the universe. dark energy is the most accepted hypothesis to explain the observations since the 1990s indicating that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate assuming that the standard model of cosmology is correct, the ..

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