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Price 2019 - Dork, Dork - definition of dork by the free dictionary, Four days out of the year talented dorks of the world meet under one roof at bb king's blues club in nashville tennessee.. Dork - wiktionary, 2005, mike judge, reading sucks: the collected works of beavis and butthead: "there's that dork whose wife cut off his dork."and when people ask him for an autograph he writes, "best of luck to betsy. signed, the guy whose wife cut off his penis.". No, the word 'dork' has nothing to do with whales, Though its precise origins remain somewhat obscure, the word "dork" has a far more mundane history. etymologists generally agree that "dork"—typically defined as a stupid, foolish, or inept person—has only been in common usage since the 1960s..

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Dork - wikipedia, Dork is a pejorative term for a person (compare with "dweeb" and "fool") . dork may also refer to: people. dork sahagian, armenian-american climate scientist; arts, entertainment, and media. dork, an album by afi; dork, a common unofficial name for the higher-definition posable man cgi character introduced in the cgi program poser 3 and poser 4; dork, the card game also known as president and ..

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