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Price 2019 - Feed Pet Macro Vanilla, Feed pet macro - ui & macros - wowhead forums, /cast dismiss pet;revive pet;call pet;mend pet /stopmacro /cast feed pet /use clefthoof ribsthis will call your pet, or revive it if it's dead. if its dead and the corpse is gone, hold down alt to revive. in combat it casts mend pet, out of combat feed pet, or mend pet if you hold down alt. hold down ctrl to dismiss pet.. Feed pet macro for hunters - world of warcraft forums, Hey there, on various websites/videos i've seen people playing as a hunter use a macro that automatically feeds their pet whatever they want with one button/click. does anyone on the forums know of such a macro and what the commands are for it, any help would be much appreciated thanks, voltaín. One click pet feeding macro vanilla wow, One click pet feeding macro vanilla wow /script if unitexists("pet") and not playerframe.incombat then castspellbyname("feed pet"); targetunit("pet"); pickup..

Feed Pet Macro Vanilla - one click pet feeding macro vanilla wow

a short guide for vanilla wow hunter pets basic information i would have loved to have had when i first started a hunter so i really hope this info helps som. #show n petpassive use feign death cast !feed pet use highland pomegranate cast !feed pet use buttery wheat roll cast !feed pet use grilled shark cast !feed pet use massive turkey leg.

Classic wow lazy hunter macros - night elf mohawk, Uber pet attack option 1 tip: hit the macro on a friendly target, it will send your pet to assist friendly target. hit the macro on a hostile target, it will sic your pet on that hostile target. . feed pet tip: it checks if you’re in combat or not. then it looks for the item in slot y in bag no. x and feeds your pet the food. if there’s .. Huntermacros - vanilla wow, This macro is very useful when kiting mobs you don't want to attack your pet. it decreases the aggro your pet has on the mob and increases yours, so your pet can keep attacking the mob. freezing trap and pet follow macro:.