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Price 2019 - Geo 172 Uky, College of arts and sciences geo geography, *geo 172 human geography. (3) an introduction to geographic perspectives on human political, economic, social, and cultural activities (such as trade, economic development, empire, colonialism and nation building, agriculture, pollution, urbanization, population dynamics). emphasis is on . college of arts and sciences geo geography.. Human geography | geography -, Geo 172-001. instructor: jessica mccallum breen. College of arts and sciences geo geography, College of arts and sciences geo geography key: # = new course * = course changed † = course dropped university of kentucky 2008-2009 undergraduate bulletin 3 geo 328 geography of the middle east and north africa..

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Geography (geo) classes: kentucky (uk): koofers, Geography (geo) course reviews and classes being taught at kentucky (uk). Spring 2018 | international studies, Geo 172 human geography spring 2018 courses. pathway courses. ant 160 cultural diversity in the modern world. ant 220 intro to cultural anthropology. ant 225 cult, envir, global issues. geo 160 lnds/people non-western world. geo 162 introduction to global environmental issues.. University of kentucky policy guide for advanced placement, Human geography 3 - 5 geo 172 3 credit hours for geo 172 with a grade of cr. italian language and culture 3 ita 201 3 credit hours for ita 201 with a grade of cr. 4 .. University of kentucky international baccalaureate program, University of kentucky international baccalaureate program credit awarded based on standard level (sl) or higher level (hl) exam scores of 5, 6, and 7.