Geo 3 Vs Shocker Rsx

Price 2019 - Geo 3 Vs Shocker Rsx, I bought the new shocker rsx and i'm not super convinced, I have a dm 13 that shoots pretty well, but there's something about it that i don't like. it's never broken a ball. i've never messed with the.. Shocker rsx vs axe pro | p8ntballer paintball forums, But for a £600 budget you may be able to get a geo 3.1 or an lv1. or - if you like em - a dm14/15 the shocker, if i'm 100% honest, looks like a slightly refined ion. i did have a serious look through it all at st tropez and although it was very pretty, the internals looked very recycled. if a shocker has always served you well in the past, get .. Do not buy the luxe ice. buy this instead. – dr paintball, When i compared the rsx against other high end guns (cs1, geo 3.5, lv1.1, luxe, vcom, clone5) in my option the rsx comes out ahead. paul poston april 22, 2017 i absolutely love my ice i have i do have to agree though the shocker rsx platform is very nice with both feel and weight..

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