Geo 3 Vs Shocker Rsx

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Price 2019 - Geo 3 Vs Shocker Rsx, Shocker rsx vs. geo 3.1 (iv core) : paintball -, The geo will be more efficient and no it wont scratch as easily. personally though i wouldn't worry about scratches and i actually prefer the rsx over the 3.5. the 3.1 will be more comfotable in the hands though for a bigger person.. Shocker rsx vs geo 3.5 vs lv1 vs luxe 2.0 - hài mới nhất, You asked for it, and here it is a shooting comparison between the four most commonly used high end markers for this weeks discussion, let us know which if your favourite high end marker and why gear used in this video purple shocker rsx factory settings, all amercian freak 14 .687 gi sportz jester. Shocker rsx vs axe pro | p8ntballer paintball forums, Shocker rsx vs axe pro. discussion in 'talking points' started by realrt, apr 14, 2015. ? . i like what i've heard about both the axe pro and shocker rsx, along with their price tags. . but for a £600 budget you may be able to get a geo 3.1 or an lv1. or - if you like em - a dm14/15 ..

  • sp shocker rsx gameplay | doovi
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