Geo Caves Swgemu

Price 2019 - Geo Caves Swgemu, Geo caves -, Bosses. fire spider baby acklay ns clone experimental rancor higjib acklay fire spider (10-15min respawn) - easily solo able with any melee class, non-jedi are better then jedi for farming this.. Geo loot usefulness guide v1.0 - naritus - swgemu forums, Star wars galaxies: . this guide will outline the relative usefulness of the various geo cave specific loot items. i have used a 1 to 5 star rating system to rank the loot drops. this is based on usefulness and demand, but does not give a good indication of the relative value of the items. for info on pricing, please refer to your galaxy .. Been farming geo caves, got a question. : swgemu - reddit, There are hundreds of helpful videos on his channel that go into great detail about many of star wars galaxies mechanics and functions. they are well worth a watch! . been farming geo caves, got a question. . then its a 50% chance of selecting the common loot group of which there is a 2% of the geo blaster and 10% of the schematic. which ..