Geo Cichlid Fish

Price 2019 - Geo Cichlid Fish, Odd balls - page 2 -, Marble goby regular size. oxyeleotris marmoratusoxyeleotris marmorata, the marble goby, is a widely distributed species of sleeper goby native to fresh and brackish waters of the mekong and chao praya basins as well as rivers and other water bodies. Fish behavior in the aquarium and in the wild (comstock, Buy fish behavior in the aquarium and in the wild (comstock books) on amazon free shipping on qualified orders. Odd balls - page 1 -, Asian needlenose gar regular. asian needlenose gar regular xenentodon cancila xenentodon cancila is a species of needlefish found in freshwater and brackish habitats in south and southeast asia..

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Geo Cichlid Fish - freshwater fish profiles - geophagus red head tapajos

common trade name: red hump geo, red hump eartheater scientific name : geophagus steindachneri most common), geophagus hondae, g. magdalenae, g. pellegrini family : cichlidae red severum and rotkeil go at it when food goes in. geo minds his business and sometimes gets chased, but no fin damage. i think they are just showing dominance. goldfish crashed the party.