Geo Lens Nudy Quarter Ch 625

geo nudy quarter gray colored contact lens eyecandy's

Price 2019 - Geo Lens Nudy Quarter Ch 625, Geo nudy gray circle lens | lensvillage, Geo nudy gray lens ch-625. minimal design but maximum effect. that’s what you get with the geo nudy color. with only a black rim differentiating the real eye and the contact lens, it is as close to your natural eyes as possible but it makes your eyes more charming by adding a sparkle to them.. Geo nudy quarter | geo circle lenses | colored contact lenses, Shop now for geo nudy quarter circle contact lenses. we ship contact lenses to the us within one week. 7-21 days standard shipping for free and 3-5 days express shipping.. Nudy grey ch-625 - circle lenses - us fda approved geo, Geo magic color nudy (quarter vision angelcolor japan) circle lenses in grey are one of the most popular lenses used by japanese models and gyaru. they feature dreamy color that enlarges the eyes and make them shine like the moon..

  • sĦΜΪĹŸ little соиеѓ ♥: nudy quarter lens
  • sĦΜΪĹŸ little соиеѓ ♥: nudy quarter lens
  • geo softlens nudy quarter rp. 45,000 / botol | e l i d a f
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Geo Lens Nudy Quarter Ch 625 - geo super nudy grey xch-625

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Geo super nudy grey xch-625, Circle lens geo super nudy grey ♥ e-mail me at [email protected] ♥ find me on instagram @lentesonline ♥ like me on facebook! ♥ .co.. Geo nudy grey circle lenses (color eye - pinkyparadise, Geo nudy grey. if you are looking for a lens with a major color change, the geo nudy series is for you! colors are translucent and give a color overlay to the iris. the border and inner rim are darker and spirally edged, which helps create a vibrant look.. Geo magic color nudy ch 625 grey - best price 2019, Geo super nudy gray xch-625 gray contact lens, best clear gray circle lenses. geo creates a new design with these geo super nudy gray xch-625 color lenses and this series is inspired by geo nudy series but with a larger dark ring around the outer and a shade of dark gray in the centre.