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Price 2019 - Geo Metro Belt Squeal, 92 geo metro squeeling - car forums and automotive chat, I replaced the motor in my 92 geo metro, and now i have squealing noise i believe is coming from my alternator belt. it eats my belts and squeals all the time.. Geo metro loud squealing or squeaking is coming from, Loud squealing or squeaking is coming from timing belt inspection estimate for geo metro geo metro loud squealing or squeaking is coming from timing belt inspection costs $75 on average. following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates.. A/c and alt belt squeel - geo metro forum, The only problem i have had with my 1994 metro 1.0l is the darn alternator belt!! got the "metro squeal" on many a cold morning had the squealing belt self-destruct 2 times in 3 months!! i officially stopped trusting my metro. . ↳ the geo metro lounge ↳ pictures/videos ↳ gathers/events ↳ engine tech & diagnostics ↳ fuel economy ..

Geo Metro Belt Squeal - metro alternator belt

diagnosing belt noise squeak or squeal on a serpentine belt - duration: 7:03. . 1993 geo metro vin code 6 changing the timing belt - duration: 25:55. jeffrey dean 3,772 views. tools needed 3 8 drive rachet 6 in extension 3 8th drive 1 4in drive rachet 10mm socket 1 4in drive and 3 8th drive deep n shallow 10mm wrench 12mm wrench jack and jack stands flat tip screw .

1994 geo metro 3 cylinder comments (r32312), page 2, (1994) geo metro belt squealing (for me) was caused by misalignment when i pried to tighten the new belt. when i started it the first time i knew what i had done, because of the squealing. i loosened the belt and pulled hard by hand (no pry bar).. Alternator squeal? - geo metro forum -, My alternator is hot to the touch after a short drive (50-100 feet if that) and also their is a deafening noise coming from around there. side note. i took apart the alternator and had to solder one of the stator coils back in place. i feel like this noise is coming from the alternator from it .. Alternator squeal - geo metro forum -, Fuuny thing tho, when it's timing belt time, for any cars i'm working on, my preference is gates brand. my name is car nut, and i have a metro addiction. my mini geopalooza----i think i need one more blue car to keep up the patriotic theme..