Geo Metro Convertible Lsi

Price 2019 - Geo Metro Convertible Lsi, Geo metro forum - got mpg?, Support geo metro forum by making a donation. and by making a donation you'll also receive one month of ad free page viewing of this group.. How to identify a geo metro xfi –, Hi, i have a question….i just purchased a 1992 geo metro xfi. the car is a one owner with a one owner title and only 78000 original question is could you give me a suggested selling price?. Geo metro and suzuki swift wiring diagrams –, I have a 98 4 cyl automatic metro with a blown motor and a 96 3 cyl 5 speed lsi metro. the 98 body is in like new condition and the 96 is rotting away with a nearly brand new motor in it..

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