Geo Metro Crank Pulley Removal

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Price 2019 - Geo Metro Crank Pulley Removal, Geo metro crankshaft pulley came off (back with pics) - reddit, The sprocket is what controls the timing, the crank pulley just runs the accessory belt(s) for ac, ps, wp, alt, etc. go here for all your metro needs. lots of good dudes with tons of knowledge.. How remove crankshaft pulley??!!!!!!! - geo metro forum, Hi all. i am trying to replace the water pump on my mom's '95 geo metro. i got stopped trying to remove the crankshaft pulley. the service manual says to remove the 5 bolts on it and then remove it, but the big bolt in the middle is in the way and i can't get the pulley past it.. Remove crankshaft pulley - suzuki forums: suzuki forum site, Due to tight clearance between the pulley and the fender sheet metal, i found it impossible to remove the crankshaft pulley without removing the 17 mm bolt (along with the five 10-mm bolts that attach the pulley to the crankshaft timing belt gear)..

Geo Metro Crank Pulley Removal - geo metro crankshaft

see http: wrenchmaven procedure.php . for the whole procedure tags: 89.geo.metro 90.geo.metro 91.geo.metro 92.geo.metro 93.geo.metro auto repair took off crankshaft pulley bolt with my starter. disconnect your spark plugs or ignition system before so car engine does not start. 1996 geo metro (1.3l g13ba)

Couldn't remove stupid crankshaft bolt to remove pulley, Thank found few hours ago i just look at internet to how change timing belt saw 6 bolts on pulley went there finally it out. but i was very happy that i didn't try remove that crankshaft bolt why it could shred then my plan would be real disaster why i am suppose to go to north of michigan which is 280 miles.. How to tighten or remove crank bolt without pulley holder- jonny diy, Step-by-step how to tighten or remove crank bolt without a pulley holder tool. especially useful on automatic transmissions. tools & supplies 170 piece mecha.. Metro: water pump and serpentine belt on a 96 geo - asap, Remove the a/c compressor drive belt (if so equipped) by releasing the tensioner pulley and removing the belt from the crankshaft and compressor pulleys. loosen the generator adjusting bolt (1), pivot the generator and remove the water pump/generator drive belt..