Geo Metro Engine Surges

Price 2019 - Geo Metro Engine Surges, 1995 geo 4 door sedan: my engine is surging badly at idle, 1995 geo 4 door sedan: my engine is surging badly at idle. also, when i am driving, the gas pedal will drop slightly out from under my foot, and the car will actually speed up on it''s own. then, when i go to slow down and/or stop, i feel like i have to "hold it back", as it is surging even though i have pushed in the clutch in preparation to stop.. Engine surging - geo metro forum -, I have 1997 metro with the 3 cylinder in it. what's happening is that going down the road, it wants to surge but is not cutting out or missing.. 93 geo metro idle surging up and down when i come to a, Source: 1990 geo metro engine surges up and down when hi sounds like your engine is surging due to incorrect mixture now your idle screw is on the thottle cable were it connects to the carb and the mixture screw is on the carb body as an approx guide turn the mixture screw fully in then out two and a half turns that should help but y may need to fine ajust later.

Geo Metro Engine Surges - 1997 geo metro sputtering - how to fix

1995 geo metro engine rough running diagnosis. - duration: 7:07. . valve cover vent to keep oil out of geo metro air cleaner - duration: . 1993 geo metro xfi with surging - duration: . problem was bad o2 sensor. further details in the first comment below.

1997 geo metro idle surge - geo metro forum -, A friend of mine has a 1997 geo 3 door hatch and is having idle surging problems with it. he's had a mechanic replace what the mechanic thought was wrong which included the ecu and some other odds and ends. i've heard this is a common problem for metro's but all the fixes i've seen were for 1994 and .. Engine surge what is the cause help - suzuki forums, Hello i have a 1997 geo tracker with 1.6 4 speed auto 4x4 . > geo metro > suzuki verona . geo tracker with 1.6 4 speed auto is the problem i have when i pull out with a steady gas pedal the trackers engine want to surge like you would feather the gas pedal on and off,but if you push down on the gas pedal and give it more gas it .. Surge, surge, surge geo metro @ car forums, Help!! have a '93 2-door geo metro automatic 3 cylinder. we found out after purchase that it has a '90 engine. the car was manufactured in canada, if that makes any difference.. Engine surge. - suzuki forums: suzuki forum site, Also it gets an engine surge sometimes, and more so when it seems to be under more electrical load, like the headlights on, and the fan blower on especially, but at times will get the surge even when nothing is running..