Geo Metro Stock Compression Ratio

Price 2019 - Geo Metro Stock Compression Ratio, Geo metro | geo parts, Geo metro the geo metro was introduced in 1989 through a joint venture with general motors and suzuki. the exteriors came in base and lsi models with 2 and 4 door hatchbacks.. Xfi geo metro talk - northwest geo metro got 50 mpg?, I have 3 to 4 test metros running with mostly custom parts i have built. one is a perfect bone stock xfi. one is a perfect base model 4.1 final drive which is the most common geo out here. i would be happy to arrange a test drive so you can fill the tank personally and drive it for 60 miles and refill the tank.. Geo metro longer life engine block - northwest geo metro, A head will not raise the compression if its low that is a function of the rings. so if its low you need to bore the block and install new pistons and rings with that head replacement. just re ringing usually only yields 150 psi or less so avoid that option..

Geo Metro Stock Compression Ratio - the correct way to test engine compression.

bored and stroked bottom end, high compression camshaft and upgraded ignition coil with the stock throttle body and computer. at one point this was for sale: 1989 chevrolet sprint bored and stroked. k series vvc turbo metro , eu3 turbo bottom end and eu3 vvc head , lowered compression ratio and 10 psi of boost with pg1 and type 2 torsen diff.

Suzuki cultus - wikipedia, Canadian sales of the geo metro only began in 1992, after the demise of the asüna brand. for 1990, the metro's second model year, geo introduced the metro lsi models, which included an automatic transmission , air conditioning and a stereo with cassette player.. 1996 geo metro specs - best price 2019, 1996 geo metro specifications automotive, 1996 metro specifications performance engine : 1,000 cc 1 liters in-line 3 front transverse engine with 74 mm bore, 77 mm stroke, 9.5 compression ratio, light alloy block, light alloy head, overhead cam, automatic valve adjustment and two valves per cylinder.. Old hatchback modifications –, To get this type of compression ratio have the combustion chamber welded and recut into the fireball design? the production model v12 fireball has 11 to 1 and loved 87 octane. i like the msd 6+ and the ms ii injection computer awsome control. remember that an electric geo metro stock body will run 60mph on 7500 watt hour. that is equal to 272 mpge..