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Price 2019 - Geo Prefix In Geometry, Geo- - wiktionary, Earth· geography··geo- . definition from wiktionary, the free dictionary. Geo- prefix words flashcards | quizlet, Start studying geo- prefix words. learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.. The prefix geo means? -, The prefix 'ge' is a greek root word, in english 'geo' meaning earth, as in geography, geology or geometry..

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Geo Prefix In Geometry - prefix geo by abby

grade 1 - language: prefixes, suffixes and root words game with houses, roofs and bricks. - duration: 3:35. early learning at home 14,563 views video shows what geo- means. earth. geo- pronunciation. how to pronounce, definition by wiktionary dictionary. geo- meaning. powered by marytts.

Word root of the day: ge | membean, The greek root word ge, commonly used in the english prefix geo-, means “earth.” this greek root is the word origin of a good number of english vocabulary words, including ge ology, ge ography, and ge ometry..