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Price 2019 - Geo Tracker Crank Pulley Removal, Geo tracker crankshaft bolt tool | classic cars and tools, Geo tracker crankshaft bolt tool. hi! i’ve got a new project! a ’97 geo tracker with a 1.6 ~ 16valve engine, 5 speed transmission! i love these little “trucks”! . fritz showed me a few ways to keep the crankshaft pulley from turning in order to break loose the crankshaft bolt! his idea was pretty simple, but does require some .. 1994 geo tracker crankshaft pulley - fixya, The crankshaft pulley bolt loosens by turning counter-clockwise. ensure the pulley is secure from movement so that you can loosen the pulley bolt without turning over the engine. you may need to use breaker bar to loosen the pulley bolt, or at least a large wrench.. How do i change a front main seal on a geo tracker, Using a long breaker bar and socket, remove the crankshaft pulley bolt. to secure the crankshaft from rotating, install a pulley holding tool (such as suzuki tool 09917-68221). use m8, p1.25 bolts with a strength rating of at least 7t to attach the holding tool to the pulley..

Geo Tracker Crank Pulley Removal - geo metro crank bolt removal/ crank seal install

replacing a 89-98 geo tracker timing belt water pump thermostat and fan clutch pt1 . how to use a breaker bar to remove a crank pulley bolt on a passenger facing, clockwise engine. . replacing a 89-98 geo tracker timing belt water pump thermostat and fan clutch pt1 - duration: . how to remove a crankshaft pulley in your car - duration: 2:49. scotty kilmer 1,361,671 views.

On a 97 geo tracker, on the camshaft timing pulley, there, Important: it is not necessary to remove the crankshaft pulley center bolt when removing the crankshaft pulley. remove five bolts and the crankshaft pulley (4) from the crankshaft. disconnect the oil pressure sending unit wire conduit from the timing belt cover (2).. How to remove a crankshaft pulley | it still runs, 1. position the puller in front of the pulley. hold the point of the central threaded puller bolt in the detent on the end of the crankshaft and rotate the puller until at least two of the slots in the puller align with the threaded holes in the pulley.. Repairing damaged crank and replacing seal. - page 1 of 1, Gain access to the crank pulley, accessory belts off, and remove the small pulley bolts (with special heads) and then the 17mm huge bolt , turns ccw to remove (lefty loosy) and on most cars, takes over 100ft/lbs after being set correctly for so long, and will need a breaker bar top do that..