Geo Tracker Tps

Price 2019 - Geo Tracker Tps, Tps testing and calibration , all sidekicks and trackers, The tps idle switch must close every time you drop the throttle (to near 0v) and the tps switch, must open at the "correct moment" or the ecu will be very confused ! this is why the feeler gauges are used. the tps usually can never causes stalling, the #1 cause of that bad act, is egr stuck open.. Geo tracker throttle position sensor | advance auto parts, Replacing your geo tracker throttle position sensor shouldn’t cost you a fortune. that's why we carry at least 2 aftermarket and original parts ranging from prices between $199.99 to $274.34 to purchase online or in-store.. Geo tracker throttle position sensor (tps) replacement, Geo tracker throttle position sensor (tps) replacement costs between $363 and $405 on average. the parts and labor required for this service are ..

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