Geo Word Examples

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Price 2019 - Geo Word Examples, Greek root 22 (geo) vocab flashcards | quizlet, Vocab from chapter 4 (words derived from greek), root 22 (geo) in vocabulary for the college-bound student. Geo & ge are the root-words for many other words., 3. geocentric : geo centric (jee o sen’ trik) adj. measuring from the center of the earth 4. geochemistry : geo chemistry (jee o kem’ i stree) n. science of the chemical composition of the earth’s crust 5. geochronic : geo chronic (jee o kron’ ik) adj. relating to geological time divisions 6. geocratic : geo critic (jee o krat’ ik) adj.. Word root of the day: ge | membean, The greek root word ge, commonly used in the english prefix geo-, means “earth.” this greek root is the word origin of a good number of english vocabulary words, including ge ology, ge ography, and ge ometry..

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Geo Word Examples - latin and greek root words: geo = earth

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Words that start with geo | words starting with geo, Words that start with geo found 540 words that start with geo . browse our scrabble word finder , words with friends cheat dictionary , and wordhub word solver to find words starting with geo..

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