Geocommunicator Plss

Price 2019 - Geocommunicator Plss, Geocommunicator: township geocoder -, Geocommunicator: township geocoder. geocommunicator ( ) is the publication website for the distribution of spatial data from the u.s. national integrated land system and the bureau of land management’s legacy rehost 2000 (lr2000) system. the bureau of land management (blm), an agency in the department of interior, is responsible for cadastral survey,.. Blm geocommuicator plss wms -, Blm geocommuicator plss wms. the land survey information system data base (lsis) data is a useful representation of the geometry and topology of parcels contained within the plss, but its application is intended for mapping purposes only. the gcdb data served from lsis is not a substitute for a legal land survey.. What the heck happened to geocommunicator?!, What the heck happened to geocommunicator?! i tried to reference plss today on geocommunicator and found the blm replaced it with something called navigator and it is terrible, it doesn't have a plss layer. they have you download a layer for google earth which is so crappy i cannot even read the section numbers..