Geoengineering And Fracking

geoarchitektur, geoengineering: fracking colonialism!

Price 2019 - Geoengineering And Fracking, Geoengineering news -- sciencedaily, Aug. 15, 2018 — the amount of water used per well for fracking surged by up to 770 percent between 2011 and 2016 in all major us shale gas- and oil-producing regions, a new study finds. the .. Geoarchitektur, geoengineering: fracking colonialism!, Fracking is a remake of colonialism, but now global! . all that is globalized by global engineering, also called geoengineering, terraforming, climate engineering or just "solar radiation management" (srm)! have you ever "voted" or signed a contract to allow your sunlight be "managed" by global corporations?. Fracking and the manipulation of our water supplies » the, Yes, the fracking corporations can have their way by buying off the politicians and people connected to give it the okay to go ahead… but staying on the subject of water as i’ve already said there’s something far more sinister and devious going on. this links tap water to fracking..

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Geoengineering And Fracking -

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