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Price 2019 - Geographical Bachelor Army Regulation, Q&a | - leader development for army professionals, Use the subject drop-down menu in the main navigation bar to choose from a wide variety of topics including army awards, army counseling, army corrective training, army inspections, army leadership, women in the army, army promotions, army training, and military justice.. Unclassified annex b – unaccompanied personnel housing, Bachelors 1. reference: army regulation 420-1, army facilities management, 12 feb 08. 2. purpose: to establish policy for housing of bona fide bachelor personnel on fort hood. 3. background: referenced regulation 420-1, chapter 3, requires the housing office to be responsible for record keeping and control over certificates on nonavailability (cna).. Official housing allowance rules for geo-bachelors | 1200, Official housing allowance rules for geo-bachelors february 10, 2016 february 10, 2016 kimberly geo-bachelor , military i am surprised how many in the military community are unfamiliar with the terminology of “ geo-bachelor ” or “geographic bachelor” relationships, although, once i explain to them just what it really means, i find out ..

Geographical Bachelor Army Regulation - what is the full form of the india?

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Can a soldier who's dependents are not with him stay in, If geographically separated due to the needs of the army (easiest example is a restricted tour) the answer is yes as he is a geographic bachelor. if the decision is based upon a personal decision (wife's job, kid's school, etc) the best the unit can do is stash him for short period.. Geographical bachelor not getting bah? | yahoo answers, You are not considered a geographical bachelor if you are dual military and living in barracks, you will not get bah w/o dependents at all. if you both live off post and have shown a lease agreement or mortgage then you will qualify for bah w/o dependents unless there is children in the picture, then you would qualify for bah w/dependents.. The united states army - team bliss, Iaw the regulation, single soldiers (bona fide bachelors) in the ranks of e1 – e5 are mandatorily assigned to permanent party barracks. only the garrison commander has the authority to allow single soldiers entitled to receive basic allowance for housing (bah) at the without dependent rate to reside off-post and receive bah..