Hclo2 Name

Price 2019 - Hclo2 Name, Chlorous acid hclo2 molecular weight -- endmemo, Chlorous acid hclo2 molar mass, molecular weight. endmemo. home . compound name formula search .. Chlorous acid | hclo2 - pubchem, Synonyms. for example, acetone (ch3c (=o)ch3) is also known as propanone, propan-2-one, or dimethyl ketone. the brand name of a product is commonly used to indicate the primary chemical ingredient (s) in the product (e.g., tylenol, a common pain killer, is often used for acetaminophen, its active ingredient).. Answers - naming acids, Answers: acids write the formula for each of the acids listed below: nitric acid hno 3: hydrocyanic acid hcn (aq) chloric acid hclo 3: acetic acid ch 3 cooh: . name each of the following acids: hclo 4 perchloric acid: hcooh formic acid: h 3 po 4 phosphoric acid: hcl (aq) hydrochloric acid: h 3 bo 3 boric acid: h 2 so 4 sulfuric acid: hno 2.

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