Price 2019 - Hyponatremia, Hyponatremia: practice essentials, pathophysiology, Hyponatremia is defined as a serum sodium level of less than 135 meq/l and is considered severe when the serum level is below 125 meq/l. many medical illnesses, such as congestive heart failure, liver failure, renal failure, or pneumonia, may be associated with hyponatremia.. Hyponatremia - endocrine and metabolic disorders - merck, Hyponatremia is decrease in serum sodium concentration 136 meq/l caused by an excess of water relative to solute. common causes include diuretic use, diarrhea, heart failure, liver disease, renal disease, and the syndrome of inappropriate adh secretion (siadh).. Hyponatremia | nejm, This article has no abstract; the first 100 words appear below. hyponatremia is defined as a decrease in the serum sodium concentration to a level below 136 mmol per liter..

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