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Price 2019 - Kid Buu Wiki, Kid buu | villains wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Kid buu, also referred to as pure majin boo in the original japanese dub, is the original form of majin buu that was used by the wizard bibidi who has existed since time immemorial and the final antagonist of the majin buu saga in dragon ball z. he was transformed into fat buu after absorbing.. Heartless destruction buu (kid) | dragon ball z dokkan, Heartless destruction buu (kid) max lvl rarity type cost 120/140 42 allies’ atk increases (max+50%) based on hp left allies' ki+3 and hp& def+50%; atk increases (max+80%) based on hp left planet burst causes supreme damage and lowers def[1] causes immense damage and lowers def[1] planetary.. Transcendent majin buu (kid) | dragon ball z dokkan battle, 12 ki multiplier is 140% kid buu won't be able to recover hp if the enemy evades his super attack.

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