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Price 2019 - Sci Score Sheet Pronghorn, Boone and crockett club official scoring system for north, A score chart is not authenticated until signed and dated by a certified boone and crockett club official measurer. no scores are official boone and crockett scores until verified and the trophy is accepted by the boone and crockett club.. Trophy scoring - how to score deer, elk, antelope, bear, Trophy scoring sheets several organizations around the world, including boone and crockett club, pope and young, safari club international, and national wild turkey federation, score wildlife and keep official records.. Safari club international official measurer’s manual, Discretion of safari club international, its board and committees. entries are subject to review by the . text by jack schwabland and l. irvin barnhart revised september 2016 safari club international official measurer’s manual. 2 sci measurer’s manual table of contents . minimum scores for the record book and for medallions, and for ..

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Sci Score Sheet Pronghorn - how to measure a pronghorn

sci's master measurer chris emery shows you how to score a non-typical mule deer on sci's 18nt score sheet. a 90+inch gian pronghorn antelope next to an 80 inch pronghorn antelope buck. field judging can be difficult.

Sci score vs. p&y -, Sci does add and score the inside spread. sci scoring is the gross score of the animal for the bone it has grown with no deductions. pope and young scoring does a gross and final "net" score which has deductions.. Northwest big game inc. – downloadable scoresheets for big, The same score sheet is used for all categories for that species and divisions (i.e. rifle, archery, archery velvet, and black powder categories and the regular and youth divisions) except shed antler, which have their own score sheets..