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Price 2019 - Sci Scoring, Trophy scoring - how to score deer, elk, antelope, bear, The sci record book of trophy animals uses sci's unique all-inclusive record keeping system, the most used system in the world, to document our hunting heritage. the scoring system recognizes typical and non typical animals and both free range and estate taken animals.. Trophy scoring systems, douglas score, sci, cic, boon, Safari club international (sci) is the equivalent of the nzda in that this organisation maintains a master list of trophies which can be found on the sci online record book and also in a hard copy trophy record book. to become an official certified measurer you have to join safari club international and pass a test.. Sci scoring - sci - safari club international - northeast, Please contact one of them for your scoring needs, or if you are interested in becoming an official measurer for sci. 1. to enter one or more trophies, locate an official or master measurer to have your trophy measured..

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Sci Scoring - scoring spiral-horned animals

sci's master measurer chris emery shows you how to score a non-typical mule deer on sci's 18nt score sheet. these are virgils bucks. i have 15 of his doe's these are 1 and 2 year old bucks whitetail deer for sale.also semen drawn and for sale out of estimated 2.

Safari club international - safari club international, © 2018 safari club international.all rights reserved. main phone: (520) 620-1220 toll free: 1-888-sci-hunt contactcontact. Trophy red stag in new zealand - sci and douglas score, Methods of trophy scoring for red stag in new zealand. the two predominant scoring methods are the sci system, used mostly by tourists on guided hunting trips, and the douglas score, which is used by new zealanders..

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