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Price 2019 - The Flash Nora, The flash season 5 premiere: "nora" review - ign, Less so when it comes to the pained, uncomfortable dynamic between nora and iris, but that's clearly intentional.. Nora | arrowverse wiki | fandom powered by wikia, "nora " is the first episode of the fifth season of the flash, and the ninety-third episode overall. it aired on october 9, 2018. after an unexpected guest from the future, nora west-allen.. What did nora do on 'the flash'? the mystery girl, Nora's purple lightning is there, too, and she punches the object at the same time as barry, lessening the blow to the flash and, apparently, saving him from being destroyed by the blast..

The Flash Nora - the flash 4x23 nora allen is barry and iris' daughter

the scenes used in this video belong to the cw, dc comics and its partners (wbtv)involved in creating the flash!!! like and subscribe if you enjoyed. the flash 5 x 1 #tvshow the flash season 5 episode 1 #today as the jury begins deliberations in his murder trial, archie makes a surprising request about how he wants to

Tv review: 'the flash: nora' |, “okay, let’s back up. my name is nora west-allen, the fastest woman alive. when i’m from, 30 years from now, i’m the guardian of central city. i’m a speedster, just like my dad. people .. The flash season 5 episode 1 review: nora - tv fanatic, The flash season 5 episode 1 shows team flash at their best as they handle an unexpected visitor from the future and a meta whose out to become unstoppable.. The flash's nora allen explained: will season 5 introduce, This nora allen is the daughter of barry and green lantern jessica cruz. however, it appears that the show's nora still shares more in common with dawn allen, but with her name changed to pay .. Nora allen | the flash wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Nora allen was the wife of dr. henry allen and mother of barry allen and malcolm thawne. when barry was a child, nora was murdered by the time-travelling professor zoom . due to a lack of evidence, henry was convicted and eventually died in prison..