Uzbek Samosa Dough Recipe

Price 2019 - Uzbek Samosa Dough Recipe, Uzbek samsa - gastrosenses, Combine the water with flour and kneed the dough to form a dough ball. it took 10 minutes in the stand mixer. cover the dough ball and leave to rest for 30 min. once rested, sprinkle the working surface with a little flour and roll the dough into a thin rectangular sheet approximately 2-3mm or ⅛ inch thick. cover the sheet with melted ghee.. Uzbek samsa recipe | sparkrecipes, Take out the dough from the freezer, and roll out each piece into a square. place the beef in the middle and attach the ends of a dough to create a square beef patty. place the squares into the oiled foil on the cooking tray.. Uzbek samsa (uzbek pie with meat and potatoes, samosa), The dough can be a simple bread dough, or a layered pastry dough. you can face different types of samsa with various fillings: meat (lamb, beef, etc), pumpkin, greens, potatoes etc. samsa is baked in a tandoor oven, as well as in gas ovens and on electric plates..

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